By: Carol Bass

How to price your property

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When you decide to sell your property, you want to sell it for as much money as the market will allow.

Be aware that:
There are three main points to consider when pricing your property:

Current Market Conditions

The market always determines the value. Price your home competitively based on the price of similar homes that have recently sold in your area.
Also, pay attention to those houses that the listings have expired in your neighborhood, to see what price the market is not confortable to pay.

The Condition of Your Home

One of the most important aspect is the condition of your home, buyers base their decision in it. It is important to take the time now to prepare your home to attract potential buyers and increase your home value.

The Right Sales Representative

The sales representative is also ohter important point in the pricing process, because the agent brings the market to you.
The main role of a sales representative is to know the market, get to you the best price possible, and close the deal. Carol Bass has been in business for over 30 years, she is a successful agent with several high ranking offices in Toronto and Richmond Hill.
Carol has acces to the latest information on market condition, has a high negotiation skill, and a modern of art marketing strategy. All that to help you sell your home with the best price possible and as soon as possible.

Factors that do not affect your property’s value: